Harukasan Mirror Station

Harukasan Mirror Station is an archive mirror for open source software, for South Korea and East Asian countries.
Public service was started on November 25, 2016.

Mirror list

CPANComprehensive Perl Archive Network
CRAN Comprehensive R Archive Network [status] [stat-win] [stat-win-old]
CTANComprehensive TeX Archive Network [status]
debianDebian packages [status]
debian-archiveDebian Old releases
debian-cdDebian CD images (Stable builds)
debian-cd-weeklyDebian CD images (Weekly builds)
debian-portsDebian Ports
debian-securityDebian Security
kaliKali Linux packages
kali-imagesKali Linux pre-built ISO images
linuxmintLinux Mint packages
php.netPHP.net (archive: /php.net/)
raspberrypiRaspberry Pi Archive (archive.raspberrypi.org)
raspbianRaspbian Repository
ubuntuUbuntu Archive [status]
ubuntu-cdimageUbuntu CDImage
ubuntu-portsUbuntu Ports
ubuntu-releasesUbuntu Releases [status]

This site is supported by IDBLAB@PKNU and is operated and maintained by Harukasan.